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Handcrafted, Made to Order Rings

Our collection of handcrafted, made to order engagement, wedding, eternity and everyday rings. All made in our studio in Western Australia, our rings are simple in design, delicate in execution and timeless in delivery.

The Full Collection

white gold eternity leaf ring

Eternity Leaf Wedding Ring

£351.00 - £425.00
two rose gold leaf rings on white background

Wide Leaf Wedding Ring

£474.00 - £628.00
three diamond leaf engagement ring

14k Gold Three Diamond Leaf Ring

£1,232.00 - £1,540.00
five diamond rose gold wedding band on white background

14k Gold Diamond Ring

£259.00 - £352.00
marquise shaped diamond wedding ring between fingers

Marquise Shape Diamond Ring

£493.00 - £616.00
curved leaf wedding band rose gold

Curved leaf wedding ring

£237.00 - £332.00
rose gold and diamond curved wedding band on white background

Curved Diamond Wedding Band

£259.00 - £352.00
daisy wedding ring in yellow gold

Daisy Wedding Ring

£191.00 - £222.00
curved wedding band rose gold

Curved Wedding Band

£191.00 - £259.00
rose gold leaf ring on white background

Gold Leaf Wedding Ring

£216.00 - £302.00
daisy flower wedding band rose gold

Daisy eternity wedding ring

£346.00 - £407.00
diamond leaf wedding band rose gold

Diamond Leaf Wedding Ring

£400.00 - £487.00
rustic gents wedding ring on white background

Rustic Mens Wedding Ring

£924.00 - £1,540.00
rose gold twig wedding band

Twig Wedding Band

£259.00 - £363.00
twig wedding band in rose gold

Double Twig Wedding Band

£389.00 - £487.00
moissanite twig engagement ring

Moissanite Twig Engagement Ring

£924.00 - £1,109.00
hammered gents wedding band

Hammered Mens Wedding Ring

£185.00 - £924.00
eternity flower wedding band in rose gold

Eternity Flower Wedding Band

£244.00 - £308.00
dimpled mens wedding ring rose gold

Dimpled Mens Wedding Ring

£185.00 - £924.00
one carat solitaire leaf ring

One Carat Solitaire Leaf Ring

£922.00 - £1,107.00
one carat solitaire leaf engagement ring

Solitaire Leaf Engagement Ring

£906.00 - £1,091.00
peridot leaf ring

Peridot Birthstone Leaf Ring

£153.00 - £306.00
birthstone emerald leaf ring

Emerald Birthstone Leaf Ring

£153.00 - £306.00
citrine birthstone leaf ring

Citrine Birthstone Leaf Ring

£153.00 - £306.00
ruby birthstone leaf ring

Ruby Birthstone Leaf Ring

£153.00 - £306.00
diamond birthstone leaf ring in rose gold

Diamond Birthstone Leaf Ring

£153.00 - £306.00
wattle leaf wedding bands

Wattle Leaf Wedding Ring

£216.00 - £302.00
milgrain diamond engagement ring rose gold

Milgrain diamond engagement ring

£1,972.00 - £2,336.00
white gold eternity leaf ring wedding band set

Eternity Leaf Wedding Ring Set

£1,109.00 - £1,294.00
green sapphire and diamond engagement ring in rose gold

Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

£1,843.00 - £2,089.00
leaf wedding band rose gold

Foliage Leaf Wedding Ring

£293.00 - £429.00
oval aquamarine and diamond nature engagement ring

Aquamarine Leaf Engagement Ring

£1,344.00 - £1,787.00
wide wattle leaf wedding band

Wide Wattle Leaf Wedding Ring

£554.00 - £1,109.00
black diamond leaf engagement ring

Black Diamond Leaf Engagement Ring

£1,232.00 - £1,540.00
monstera leaf alternative wedding ring

Monstera Inspired Wedding Band

£554.00 - £1,109.00
bay laurel leaf wedding ring yellow gold

Bay Laurel Leaf Wedding Ring

£290.00 - £370.00


All of our pieces are made in our studio in Western Australia, where we carefully execute each design from start to finish, ensuring that every item is made to the highest standard of quality. 

Made With Love

Each piece is handcrafted and tailor made to order - with love, by us, in our Perth workshop. We believe that each and every order is infused with the essence of what our brand stands for - Love.


You should always know what you're paying for, and with Vinny & Charles, you always know that you are getting high quality metals, ethical gemstones and expert craftmanship.

International Shipping

Luxury jewelry should be accessible to women all over the world, and that is why we offer international shipping at affordable rates.

90 Day Returns

We believe in the quality of our work, and that is why we offer a 90 Day Return policy on all of our fine jewelry pieces.

What Our Customers Say

Very happy with my piece. The ring is beautiful and the process was seamless. Thank you Melody!


Beautiful band! This looks even better in person than in the photos, if that's even possible.


I wish I could show you the look on her face when she saw her ring in her hands for the first time.


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