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Alexandrite Rings
Alexandrite Rings

When it comes to sustainable jewellery, Vinny & Charles is the obvious choice. As a small, family-run business, we place our customers at the heart of everything we do.
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Looking for Alexandrite Rings in Australia?

We only offer the highest quality pieces of nature inspired jewellery, that has been carefully designed to look timeless and last for years to come.

Our Alexandrite rings are made to order, and we are able to accommodate all ring sizes between US 3 -10 ¾ so you can get your perfect ring made to fit you. To find out more, take a look at our collection and find your perfect ring, for whatever the occasion may be. If you’re looking for individuality and timeless jewellery, you won’t be disappointed!

What Makes Alexandrite Rings Special?

When looking for alexandrite rings for sale, there are things that you need to consider. Alexandrite is a lab-created gem, meaning that it aligns perfectly with our sustainable and ethical values. We believe in ethical and sustainable practices throughout every part of our ring-making process, from the sourcing to the actual crafting of the ring.

The colour of alexandrite can also change depending on the particular gem, with different gemstones turning out to have green, purple, or blue hues. Choose from rose, white, and yellow gold for your band colour and wait up to 3 weeks for your band to be crafted by our team of jewellery makers. 

The combination of alexandrite with our nature-inspired designs makes for beautiful and unique rings. Handcrafted in our studio, we make sure that every ring has that timeless look that lets the properties of the gemstone shine through while sitting on a carefully designed band.

Alexandrite Rings - The Vinny & Charles Difference

Here at Vinny & Charles, we are dedicated to crafting engagement rings, wedding rings and everyday rings that utilise slow fashion and ethical supply chains to ensure that our customers receive the best quality. All of this while safe in the knowledge that their product has come from responsible sources.

We use recycled materials wherever possible and are working to using 100% recycled metals, and we will plant a tree for every order that is placed, making sure that we are giving back to nature with every ring bought. We believe that all materials matter and will only use the absolute best quality in our products. We use no imitation metal, only solid gold and silver. In addition to this, any of our rings that include diamonds will only use conflict-free diamonds; every ring is a guilt-free purchase.

Our alexandrite rings online are no exception. We place sustainability and ethical sourcing at the heart of everything we do. Every ring and every design have our core values ingrained in them.

Place Your Alexandrite Ring Order Today

To order your custom-made ring, simply place an order via our website and choose your specifications. We offer all of our customers 90 day returns so if you’re anything less than 100% happy we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To buy alexandrite rings that you can count on, choose us.
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Aquamarine Engagement Rings
Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Gemstones make a unique and more personal substitute for a diamond, but they’re just as beautiful. If you think an aquamarine is the perfect gemstone for the engagement ring for your love, you’ve come to the right place.
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Find an Aquamarine Engagement Ring in Australia

Vinny & Charles is a small, Australian business specialising in alternative, high-quality nature inspired jewellery incorporating gemstones and nature-inspired themes. We have a range of aquamarine engagement rings on offer in our online store, in addition to other designs where you can switch out the gemstone to an aquamarine. We aim to make premium-quality, unique jewellery accessible to all women, while also staying completely sustainable and ensuring fairness throughout our supply chains. All rings are handcrafted and made to order, with free international tracked shipping included with each purchase. If you want your fiancée's ring to be as unique as your love for each other, browse our selection of aquamarine engagement rings for sale

Aquamarine – The Gemstone of the Sea

All gemstones come with meanings and uses attached to them throughout history by various cultures, and aquamarines are no different. This gemstone, because of its colour, is associated with water, protecting those who travel near or over water. It’s a calming, soothing and cleansing gemstone, associated with clarity and serenity, making it perfect for anxious or busy people. In history, it has been used for good luck and protection and was considered the stone of eternal youth and happiness. An aquamarine inspires truth and trust, the perfect qualities to start your marriage with. This stone also allows us to access our inner wisdom, making way for courage and open communication. Aquamarine is also the birthstone of March, so if you or your partner was born in that month, that makes it even more ideal as an addition to your engagement ring.

Why Buy a Aquamarine Engagement Ring

  • Every piece is handcrafted and made to order, and we like to add a personal touch to each package we ship
  • Our turnover is fast, with each handcrafted ring being ready for dispatch in 2-3 weeks
  • You can customise many designs by changing the number or type of gemstone and adding engravings
  • Our designs are unique and alternative, incorporating gemstones and nature themes to make rings you wouldn’t find in any other store
  • Quality is key for us, which is why we use only solid gold and silver and carefully craft each ring for durability 
  • We’re committed to sustainability and offer the opportunity to buy from a company with values that match your own, which we express by using recycled materials and planting a tree for each order. Each ring is made to order for each customer, which reduces unnecessary material consumption throughout the supply chain.
  • Every ring comes with a 90-day return policy that you can utilise if you’re not 100% happy with your purchase
  • Our rings have a lifetime warranty that covers regular inspections, cleanings and polishings
  • Worldwide tracked shipping is completely free

If you’re looking to buy an aquamarine engagement ring for the love of your life, do yourself a favour and choose Vinny & Charles. Browse our selection and order the one that’s perfect for your bride.
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birthstone rings
Birthstone Rings
From Peridot to Ruby, Emerald and Aquamarine - Our Birthstone Ring collection features a delicious array of sparkling gemstones. Perfect for that one-of-a-kind Anniversary, Birthday or Graduation gift.
morganite earrings rose gold
Uniquely beautiful, a pair of earrings from our collection would make the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom or friend.
alexandrite leaf engagement ring rose gold
Engagement & Wedding Rings
Every piece in our unique collection of engagement and wedding rings has been designed to reflect a unique and nature inspired spirit. Timeless and elegant, all of our engagement rings and wedding bands are handcrafted in our workshop in Western Australia, using high quality metals and conflict-free precious gemstones.
Engagement Rings

Translate your love story into a unique, handcrafted engagement ring. Designed to bring luxury into the life of every woman, Vinny & Charles creates timeless pieces using high quality metals and unique gemstones, set in delicate designs.
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Handcrafted Engagement Rings from Australia

Is it time to pop the question? When you’re planning to propose to the love of your life, every decision seems huge and daunting. Finding the perfect engagement ring your partner will love enough to want to wear it for the rest of their life can seem an impossible task. At Vinny & Charles, we have all the engagement ring options you could need. We specialise in alternative, nature-inspired engagement rings that stand out from the crowd. Our designs are as unique as your special someone, providing the perfect way of expressing your love for them and choosing a ring that matches their own style. We handcraft our unique engagement rings in Australia and offer free, international tracked shipping with every order, as well as a 90-day return policy. You can shop safely and securely, knowing you can make an exchange if your new fiancée isn’t entirely happy with the ring you picked. 

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Most people choose to buy the engagement ring by themselves before asking the question, especially when the proposal is meant to be a surprise. But how do you ensure you get a ring your partner will love? Here are some of our best tips on finding the perfect engagement ring

  • Keep an eye out for her style and think about what she likes to wear. If you’re about to propose to her, chances are you already know her quite well. Does she like simple and elegant, or does she prefer more glamorous clothing? Incorporate all these things into the ring design you choose.
  • Look at the jewellery she wears. What colour and metal does she like; silver, yellow gold, rose gold? Is there any gemstone she’s particularly fond of? This is bound to help you figure out what kind of ring she would choose for herself.
  • Think back to any conversations you’ve had in the past. It might be that she has made comments about other nature inspired rings she’s seen, or that she’s told you what she likes in an engagement ring. These are obvious hints she might have dropped for a reason, so search your memory for them.
  • Consider her lifestyle. If she’s very active and sporty or does a lot of things with her hands, like cooking and cleaning, then a large ring is probably not the best choice, and something subtle and small will be more appropriate and comfortable.
  • Ask people she’s close to. Odds are she’s talked about these things with her friends, her sisters or her mom. Talk to people she’s close to and ask for their advice, and if they’re willing, they might even help you consider different options and choose a perfect design. This is especially helpful with people who’ve known her longer than you have, like family members and old friends.

Choose Vinny & Charles for Your Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings come in unique and nature-inspired designs. They’re made from high-quality materials like solid silver and gold, to ensure high quality and durability. They’re built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Since they’re all made to order, you can choose to add a personal touch in the form of an engraving to many of our designs, making the ring as special as your love. If your future fiancée cares about sustainability and fairness, our rings also make an excellent choice. We’re dedicated to creating sustainable pieces and ensure fairness throughout our supply chain. Check out our range of unique engagement rings to find your perfect fit
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Ethical Engagement Rings
Ethical Engagement Rings

More and more people are seeking ethical engagement rings in Australia and beyond. Your engagement is a day you will never forget. The moment your partner dropped to their knees and asked you to be part of their life for eternity.
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Ethical Engagement Rings: A More Ethical Way to Celebrate Forever

The moment you laid eyes on the glittering engagement ring they revealed to you. The engagement rings which will stay on your finger as long as you live. In this moment in history, the importance of looking after the environment has never been greater. We at Vinny & Charles believe in choice, and we support your choice to protect people and the environment by creating beautiful ethical engagement rings for sale.

What are Ethical Engagement Rings?

Did you know your jewellery might not be as ethical as you would wish? In modern life, we are examining the way that we lead our lives, striving to do better for the environment and for our fellow humans. From recycling, re-using, and repairing to the consumer choices we make we can affect life on this planet for future generations. That’s why it’s important to make an informed choice when it comes to buying your engagement ring. Brides-to-be are looking for sustainable engagement rings in Australia and beyond. 

The first point to consider is the origin of your gemstones. Some gemstones may have a past embroiled in conflict, and it can be difficult to trace the origin. There is an ever-increasing emphasis on sourcing materials responsibly and in a sustainable manner. If you want to buy an ethical engagement ring, we welcome you to our family! Vinny & Charles is proud to support ethical sourcing of raw materials and fairness within our supply chain. We also plant a tree with every new order!

How Can Rings be More Ethical?

One clear way to be more ethical is to select your gemstones carefully. Many companies are offering ethical engagement rings for sale. The use of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones removes any conflict surrounding the origins of the stone, as they are produced under controlled conditions in a laboratory. The conditions mimic the natural processes that usually take millions, if not billions of years to produce a natural diamond. The resulting gemstone is identical to its natural counterpart physically, chemically, and visually. A major advantage of lab-grown gemstones is they even more perfect than nature intended as the conditions can be carefully controlled and are not subject to the frequently erratic forces of nature. At Vinny & Charles, we also source other raw materials such as gold and platinum in an environmentally responsible manner.

Choose Ethical and Sustainable Engagement Rings

Our designs are inspired by detail. We design rings in many different styles, some paying homage to the intricate work of the past, others embracing the most modern styling of the present. Every single one of our rings is “slow” produced. We believe in craftsmanship and create every order by hand and with care in our studio. Your choice of ring sets the tone for the rest of your life, and we are with you every step of the way.

View our mesmerising collection of ethical engagement rings online. For such an important day in your life, wear a ring that reflects your values.
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nature based jewelry

A collection of our favorite pieces - from engagement rings to wedding bands, from diamonds to gorgeous gemstones. We love unique, beautiful designs, and these are some of ours - and our customers’ - favorites.

rose gold stacking ring
For Gifting

Need a gift for your girlfriend, wife, mom or friend? Our unique collection of jewellery makes for a perfect birthday, Christmas or just-because gift.

Gemstone Wedding Rings
Gemstone Wedding Rings

Picking the right wedding ring is almost as important as picking the right spouse. For more variety and unique individuality than is offered by the big jewellers, browse the collection of wedding rings available at Vinny & Charles.
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Gemstone Wedding Bands Handcrafted in Australia

All of our rings are handcrafted and made to order in our studio in Perth. If you want a wedding band with a unique look and a special meaning, consider our gemstone wedding rings. A wedding band with a gemstone is a great way to stand out from the crowd and put a touch on your ring that’s more personal than a diamond. We have wedding bands for him and her, with a wide variety of gemstone designs. If you want an alternative and sophisticated gemstone wedding band, choose Vinny & Charles.

What Your Gemstone Wedding Ring Means

Throughout history and in various cultures, it has been thought that different gemstones have different powers or meanings. Gemstones have been associated with love, luck, healing and many other properties. Even if you don’t believe they have any special powers, this makes them a great way to symbolise the things most important to you. Here are the meanings and symbolisms of some of the gemstones we have on offer.

  • Green amethyst: Brings peace, calm, happiness, harmony, stability and more, relieves tension, symbolises respect and wellbeing.
  • Aquamarine: Increases consciousness and spiritual awareness, heals trauma and illness, balances mood and lets you tune into your emotions.
  • Quartz: Enhances spirituality, clarifies thought processes, increases inspiration and creativity, improves concentration.
  • Green sapphire: Symbolises tranquillity, calmness and loyalty, encourages love, thoughtfulness and peace, protects against negativity and strengthens intuition.
  • Moissanite: Because of its strength, it symbolises strong, unbreakable love and strengthens health, also cleanses your body, mind and spirit and connects you with your inner child.

We have plenty of other gemstones in our rings as well, the meaning and symbolism of which you can research more thoroughly in your own time. Another nice idea is to use the gemstone that is the birthstone of yourself or your partner on your wedding ring, to symbolise the love you have for each other. We have many birthstones in our store.

Questions About Our Gemstone Wedding Bands?

Our gemstone wedding bands come in many designs inspired by nature, with a wide variety of gemstones available. These include amethysts, aquamarines, sapphires, moissanites, rubies, peridots, tourmalines, rubellites and more. With several of our designs, you can choose which gemstone you want in order to personalise your ring. You can also add an engraving to designs with enough space for that. 

All of our rings are handcrafted and made to order, making these customisations possible and allowing you to create a ring that is truly one of a kind. Our rings are made from the best materials to ensure durable, high-quality pieces. With a commitment to sustainability and fairness, we use recycled metals, ensure fairness throughout our supply chain, and plant a tree for each order placed. Every ring from us comes with a 90-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. We also offer free tracked shipping worldwide, so you can order from us no matter where you are in the world. Get your gemstone wedding ring from Vinny & Charles.
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Green Sapphire Rings
Green Sapphire Rings

There’s a new mood in nature inspired jewellery design, and that comes from dazzling green sapphire stone rings. You may be under the illusion that sapphires only come in shades of blue, but that is not the case at all.
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Green with Envy for Green Sapphire Rings

Sapphires can come in a range of different colours including pink, orange, and green! These are underappreciated stones with a beauty all their own. Better still, the look of a green sapphire ring is totally transformed depending on the type of gold you pair with it. Paired with white gold or rose gold, the Green Sapphire looks just as alluring. Yellow gold and green have long been signs of nobility and high breeding. As you can tell, we are in a love affair with this unsung beauty.

Why Choose a Green Sapphire Ring?

Green sapphires punch far above their weight in the gem world. Although they are not quite as hard as diamonds, they are only a step behind. These sapphires are formed with a green hue due to the presence of iron, which makes them among the strongest, hardest sapphires around. In contrast, emeralds are far more fragile, ranking below sapphires and diamonds. In terms of the hue, emeralds tend to offer a richer type of colour, but this might not be to everyone’s taste. Emeralds are also far rarer than sapphires meaning that the price is inflated, and the quality of the gem might not be what you expect due to naturally occurring ‘inclusions’. To get a similar look to an emerald, but in a more durable, more affordable gemstone, green sapphires are a good choice.

Green sapphires look great, particularly on redheads. The beautiful complement of fiery red hair and cool green has long been feted. Green sapphires set in rose gold is a winning combination for any titian haired lady. They also look fantastic on cool and warm blondes and brunettes, although we might suggest a green sapphire and diamond ring to really make the stone’s colour pop. 

Symbolism of Green Sapphire Rings

Green has often been associated with rather negative emotions such as envy. This is one reason why some ladies are put off buying a ring with green gems. However, green is the colour of nature, and green sapphires offer up an array of subtle hues, making them a delightfully understated choice. Green, in fact, has a great deal of positive meaning too. Calmness, freshness, and prosperity are all associated with the colour green, as is youth and progress. What better foundation for a marriage do you need? 

We make all our jewellery to order and bespoke to the client. We work from our design studio in Perth, emphasizing craftsmanship rather than mass production. Each of our green sapphire rings will be unique due to the individual hues in each gemstone. If you are looking for sapphire rings in Australia, or from anywhere in the world, we would be delighted to craft a beautiful timeless engagement ring or wedding ring just for you. 

View our spectacular showcase of designs, where each style tells a beautiful story about the woman who wears it. View our collection now and write your own life story.
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Grey Diamond Rings
Grey Diamond Rings

When it comes to finding rings that are unique and timeless, Vinny & Charles is the place to look. We design and craft beautiful rings that offer an alternative vibe to the classic ring silhouette.
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Looking for a Unique Grey Diamond Ring in Australia?

so if you’re looking for something a little different that takes inspiration from nature, you’ve come to the right place. While our rings are usually used as engagement rings and wedding rings, they can also be used as contemporary fashion pieces. 

To find your perfect ring, take a look through our collection of grey diamond rings and take your pick. With our variety of designs and sizes, you’re sure to find your ideal match.

Our Grey Diamond Rings

When looking for a diamond ring, there’s more to consider than simply the colour of the band and shape of the diamond. Diamonds come in different hues, varying on a scale of rarity. 

Grey diamonds are naturally occurring – though all of our diamonds are conflict-free – and come in different shades of grey. They’re popular because of their uniqueness, so if you use a grey diamond in your engagement ring it will truly be one of a kind.

Our grey diamonds are no exception. We offer a range of nature-inspired rings that come with diamonds in different shades, tones and cuts so that you can find your favourite. All of our bands are made of solid metal, absolutely no imitation metal here. Choose from solid gold or silver to complement your beautiful grey diamond gemstone.

The Importance of Slow Fashion

We strongly believe in fashion that is both ethical and sustainable. Because of these values, we focus on ‘slow fashion’ by committing to ethical sourcing, as well as ensuring fairness throughout the entire supply chain. We use recycled metals and also plant a tree with every order!

Providing our customers with the highest quality products while ensuring we hold our values is at the heart of what we do. This is why our grey diamond rings for sale take up to 3 weeks to be made. Each ring is lovingly and carefully handcrafted by us to your specifications, so the extra time is certainly worth the wait. We are still able to offer our customers very quick turnaround rates and cater to customers based all over the world.

Browse Our Grey Diamond Rings Online Today

Our collection of grey diamonds has a ring for everyone. With different band designs, diamond cuts, and overall looks, there is definitely a grey diamond ring out there to suit all kinds of alternative tastes. Grey diamonds are a beautiful, unique alternative to classic diamonds, so if you’re looking to add some flair to your ring, why not pick a gemstone with a grey hue? 

If you have any questions regarding any of our rings or diamonds, please get in touch! A member of our team will happily answer any queries you may have concerning any of our products or practices.
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