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Translate your love story into a unique, handcrafted engagement ring. Designed to bring luxury into the life of every woman, Vinny & Charles creates timeless pieces using high quality metals and unique gemstones, set in delicate designs.
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54 products


54 products

Handcrafted Engagement Rings from Australia

Is it time to pop the question? When you’re planning to propose to the love of your life, every decision seems huge and daunting. Finding the perfect engagement ring your partner will love enough to want to wear it for the rest of their life can seem an impossible task. At Vinny & Charles, we have all the engagement ring options you could need. We specialise in alternative, nature-inspired engagement rings that stand out from the crowd. Our designs are as unique as your special someone, providing the perfect way of expressing your love for them and choosing a ring that matches their own style. We handcraft our unique engagement rings in Australia and offer free, international tracked shipping with every order, as well as a 90-day return policy. You can shop safely and securely, knowing you can make an exchange if your new fiancée isn’t entirely happy with the ring you picked. 

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Most people choose to buy the engagement ring by themselves before asking the question, especially when the proposal is meant to be a surprise. But how do you ensure you get a ring your partner will love? Here are some of our best tips on finding the perfect engagement ring

  • Keep an eye out for her style and think about what she likes to wear. If you’re about to propose to her, chances are you already know her quite well. Does she like simple and elegant, or does she prefer more glamorous clothing? Incorporate all these things into the ring design you choose.
  • Look at the jewellery she wears. What colour and metal does she like; silver, yellow gold, rose gold? Is there any gemstone she’s particularly fond of? This is bound to help you figure out what kind of ring she would choose for herself.
  • Think back to any conversations you’ve had in the past. It might be that she has made comments about other nature inspired rings she’s seen, or that she’s told you what she likes in an engagement ring. These are obvious hints she might have dropped for a reason, so search your memory for them.
  • Consider her lifestyle. If she’s very active and sporty or does a lot of things with her hands, like cooking and cleaning, then a large ring is probably not the best choice, and something subtle and small will be more appropriate and comfortable.
  • Ask people she’s close to. Odds are she’s talked about these things with her friends, her sisters or her mom. Talk to people she’s close to and ask for their advice, and if they’re willing, they might even help you consider different options and choose a perfect design. This is especially helpful with people who’ve known her longer than you have, like family members and old friends.

Choose Vinny & Charles for Your Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings come in unique and nature-inspired designs. They’re made from high-quality materials like solid silver and gold, to ensure high quality and durability. They’re built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. Since they’re all made to order, you can choose to add a personal touch in the form of an engraving to many of our designs, making the ring as special as your love. If your future fiancée cares about sustainability and fairness, our rings also make an excellent choice. We’re dedicated to creating sustainable pieces and ensure fairness throughout our supply chain. Check out our range of unique engagement rings to find your perfect fit.

Show your Individuality with Our Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

There is a lot to be said for tradition. It becomes tradition because it works, because it delivers what is required, particularly on special occasions. But originally, what is now traditional was new and perhaps innovative or ground-breaking. Today the creative individual can come up with something that has all the appeal and effect of the traditional, but in a new way.

We at Vinny and Charles offer you the possibility of an engagement ring that is stunning and looks like what it’s meant to look like but is something that stands out from the crowd. We offer the “OMG, where did you get that?” moment when people suddenly appreciate that not everything has to be done by the book. Our unique non-traditional engagement rings announce your betrothal while setting you firmly in the 21st century - and not just that, but they show you as a lively, inventive, free-thinking individual with a mind of your own.

A wedding can be a very Jane Austen affair, and none the worse for that, but there is no need to conform to everything that distinguished era entailed. A non-traditional diamond engagement ring from Vinny and Charles – or a non-traditional engagement ring stone taking the place of a diamond – can live long in the memory of anyone who spies this beautiful creation on your finger and marvels at its uniqueness.

What are the History and Values of Vinny and Charles?

We are a married couple who decided to pool our creative talents to produce jewellery – particularly wedding jewellery – that combines traditional values and quality with the very different way life is lived in this day and age. Our respect for the past, and for the natural wonder of gold, can be seen by the fact that we are working towards using exclusively recycled gold. We stockpile old jewellery which goes into a refining process to produce 100% 'new 'gold.

The recycled element means that the gold is not produced from the earth, but recycled from old jewellery. While we are on track to achieve our 100% recycled gold goal, our recycling program is still in development, we work with only the finest ethically sourced gold and other materials we can find, including man made diamond engagement rings whose mining, cutting and polishing were achieved in a thoroughly ethical way. The jewellery we are producing for today and the future is jewellery to be proud of. And while diamonds remain the queens of the precious stones, we are, again, not restricted by tradition and if we think something else would work in a particular piece, we will use it. The result is a wide range of options that are both unique and eye-catching. Check out our range of birthstones to see how you can combine all the splendour of a diamond with the greater individuality of something different.

We ship mainly within Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore, but as our reputation grows through the power of the internet and its ability to deliver unprecedented word-of-mouth recommendations, we are being approached by customers further afield. Wherever you are, please contact us and let’s try to help you.

How Can I Find My Ideal Unique Non-Traditional Engagement Ring?

Well, you’re in the right place. There is no need to traipse around the shops (and many fiancés are very glad about that) because you can find everything you need right here on our website. Browse at your leisure through the high-quality pictures of our range and imagine how that perfect one you find will look on your finger.

We keep our prices affordable, because we think everyone deserves the chance to own a unique non-traditional engagement ring, and that definitely includes you. In addition, there is a payment plan options so you can spread the cost, because we know you’ve got a lot of expenses right now.

Use the chat button to get any advice you need while you browse, and we have a simple, quick contact mechanism, so any questions you have, ask away and between us we will find the perfect choice for you.

Customer service is very important to us, so whatever we can do to help you, it will be our pleasure. Contact us today and let’s get you heading in the direction of the highly individual unique ring of your dreams.
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