aquamarine and diamond nature engagement ring with leaves

Our Top Ten Rings Inspired By Nature

If you've been following our brand for a while, you'll know we are allllll about nature and many of our rings are inspired by nature.

We've put together a list of our top Ten rings inspired by Nature. 

Please enjoy :)

1. Wattle Ring

An ode to our beautiful Australia. Did you know that the Wattle Flower is deeply intertwined with Australian culture and sentiment? 💖 During World War 1 loved ones would often send a sprig of Wattle along with their letters to remind the soldiers of home 💛 This nature inspired wedding band is truly one to write home about.

wattle nature wedding rings in yellow white and rose gold


2. Diamond Leaf Wedding Ring

This nature inspired wedding band features hand engraved rose gold leaves, featuring a touch of sparkles with the diamond additions.

diamond wedding band leaves

3. Diamond Birthstone Leaf Ring

For all the April babies, this leaf wedding band features a gorgeous centre 2mm diamond. The perfect birthday, anniversary or me-to-me gift. diamond leaf wedding band

4. Foliage Leaf Wedding Band

This gorgeous nature wedding ring pays homage to our Wattle Ring. We decided to refine the design giving it a more minimal and elegant feel.  


5. Diamond Eternity Flower Wedding Band

Eternity rings symbolize never ending love. This nature wedding band features gorgeous and dainty flowers with a tiny sparkling diamond set into each blossom. The perfect ode to nature for all the nature lovers out there.

6. Aquamarine Leaf Engagement Ring

This Aquamarine nature engagement ring reminds us of a cool ocean breeze on a hot day. The Aquamarine and sparkling diamonds are nestled in with hand engraved rose gold leaves, making it the perfect nature inspired engagement ring.

7. One Carat Solitaire Leaf Ring

We love that the centre stone in this nature themed engagement ring is a sparkling one carat Moissanite, making it a more environmentally friendly option. There is also one tree planted with every order on Vinny&Charles. Just one more way we are giving back to mother nature.

nature inspired engagement ring

8. Leaf Wedding Band

One of our favourites, this leaf wedding band features hand engraved rose gold leaves, meaning no two are ever the same.

leaf wedding band


9. Curved Leaf Wedding Ring

Our curved leaf wedding ring is a slight creative take on our original leaf ring. The wedding band leaves curve in slightly making it a perfectly unique option to fit with various engagement ring designs.

curved leaf wedding band


10. Alexandrite Leaf Engagement Ring

Nestled in with hand engraved rose gold leaves, this nature inspired engagement ring features a stunning Lab-Created Alexandrite.

alexandrite nature inspired engagement ring

We hope you enjoyed our top nature inspired rings. Let us know if there are more pieces that you would like to see!