Pink Gemstones to make you swoon

Pink Gemstones to make you swoon

If you're like us, you love something a little different. There are some stunning coloured gemstones out there, and we love them. Let's chat a little about some of our favourite Pink Gemstones.

Pink Sapphire
Sapphires are some of the most popular coloured gemstones. Fun fact - They belong to the Corundum gemstone class and are a 9 on the hardness scale (diamond is a 10). This pink gemstone is a more affordable and frankly equally stunning alternative to the pink diamond, which has seen a steady growth in popularity over the last few years. The pink colour ranges from light to dark and can be found in a variety of hues including purple and orange.

Pink Amethyst
Ok so admittedly, the pink amethyst tends to be a little more purple in colour. Also known as 'Rose de France', this gorgeous pink gemstone is a member of the quartz family. It has been found mainly in Brazil but also comes from Bolivia, and Zambia in Africa. Pink Amethyst has been touted for its healing properties and is said to bring loving energy to the space it occupies. The different shapes and cuts have us lusting after this pretty little number.

This pretty pink gemstone is a member of the beryl gem class. Pink Morganite is another of our favorites, with the two most popular varieties being pink and peach. It is around 8 on the hardness scale and so makes a great, unique engagement ring or dress ring option. Fun fact - George Kunz discovered this pink gemstone in Madagascar and proposed to name it Morganite to honor his friend JP Morgan, who was a great contributor to the arts and sciences at the time.

Pink Tourmaline
Perhaps the lesser known October birthstone but this pretty pink gemstone is a winner in our eyes. It is also known as Libra's 'spiritual gemstone'.
Tourmaline is 7 - 7.5 on the hardness scale and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. It is truly a global gemstone, being found in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. 
pink gemstone pink tourmaline


From Sapphires to Amethyst, Morganite and Tourmaline, we're sure there is a pink gemstone out there that will catch your fancy.

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