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Gemstone Wedding & Engagement Rings

Picking the right wedding ring is almost as important as picking the right spouse. For more variety and unique individuality than is offered by the big jewellers, browse the collection of gemstone engagement rings available at Vinny & Charles.
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33 products


33 products

Gemstone Wedding Bands Handcrafted in Australia

All of our rings are handcrafted and made to order in our studio in Perth. If you want a wedding band with a unique look and a special meaning, consider our gemstone wedding rings. A wedding band with a gemstone is a great way to stand out from the crowd and put a touch on your ring that’s more personal than a diamond. We have wedding bands for him and her, with a wide variety of gemstone designs. If you want an alternative and sophisticated gemstone wedding band, choose Vinny & Charles.

What Your Gemstone Wedding Ring Means

Throughout history and in various cultures, it has been thought that different gemstones have different powers or meanings. Gemstones have been associated with love, luck, healing and many other properties. Even if you don’t believe they have any special powers, this makes them a great way to symbolise the things most important to you. Here are the meanings and symbolisms of some of the gemstones we have on offer.

  • Green amethyst: Brings peace, calm, happiness, harmony, stability and more, relieves tension, symbolises respect and wellbeing.
  • Aquamarine: Increases consciousness and spiritual awareness, heals trauma and illness, balances mood and lets you tune into your emotions.
  • Quartz: Enhances spirituality, clarifies thought processes, increases inspiration and creativity, improves concentration.
  • Green sapphire: Symbolises tranquillity, calmness and loyalty, encourages love, thoughtfulness and peace, protects against negativity and strengthens intuition.
  • Moissanite: Because of its strength, it symbolises strong, unbreakable love and strengthens health, also cleanses your body, mind and spirit and connects you with your inner child.

We have plenty of other gemstones in our rings as well, the meaning and symbolism of which you can research more thoroughly in your own time. Another nice idea is to use the gemstone that is the birthstone of yourself or your partner on your wedding ring, to symbolise the love you have for each other. We have many birthstones in our store.

Questions About Our Gemstone Engagement Rings?

Our gemstone wedding bands come in many designs inspired by nature, with a wide variety of gemstones available. These include amethysts, aquamarines, sapphires, moissanites, rubies, peridots, tourmalines, rubellites and more. With several of our designs, you can choose which gemstone you want in order to personalise your ring. You can also add an engraving to designs with enough space for that. 

All of our gemstone engagement rings are handcrafted and made to order, making these customisations possible and allowing you to create a ring that is truly one of a kind. Our rings are made from the best materials to ensure durable, high-quality pieces. With a commitment to sustainability and fairness, we use recycled metals, ensure fairness throughout our supply chain, and plant a tree for each order placed. Every ring from us comes with a 90-day return policy and a lifetime warranty. We also offer free tracked shipping worldwide, so you can order from us no matter where you are in the world. Get your gemstone wedding ring from Vinny & Charles.
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